• Orders placed before midnight December 4 will be shipped December 6 to arrive December 8 or 9.
    • Orders placed after midnight on December 4 and before midnight on December 11 will be shipped December 13 or 14 to arrive December 15, 16 or 17.  
    • Orders placed after midnight on December 11 and before midnight on December 18 will be shipped December 20 to arrive December 22 or 23. 
    • Orders placed after midnight on December 18 and before midnight on December 25 will be shipped December 27 or 28 to arrive December 29, 30 or 31. 
  • When are papayas shipped from Hawaii? 
    Papayas are shipped once per week to assure fresh arrivals in the US Mainland, either Monday or Tuesday of each week.

  • What is the cut-off time for orders for next week delivery?  Saturday night is the cut-off deadline for orders to be processed for delivery for the following week.

  • How are they shipped?
    The papayas are shipped via FedEx 2 day. Due to Covid, FedEx cannot promise exact delivery days. However, in our experience, FedEx has been 99% effective.

  • Can I apply more than one discount code?  No, only one discount code may be used per order. Discount codes are entered at checkout.

  • Where can orders be shipped?  Unfortunately, at this time, we can only ship to any street address in the USA.  We cannot ship internationally or to PO Boxes.

  • How can I cancel a subscription?  You can cancel a subscription any time by sending an email to info@hawaiipapayadirect.com or by going to the link to your subscription provided in the original subscription confirmation email. Cancellation must be made prior to your card being charged for the next shipment.

  • When is my credit card charged for a subscription?  Your credit card is only charged for one shipment at a time and includes the 10% savings on each shipment. The card is charged at the time of your original subscription and then charged again automatically either 7 days, 14 days or 30 days after your original order date depending on the frequency of your subscription selected. 
  • Will all our papaya arrive ready to eat? 
    Not necessarily. We pick the ripest fruit we can, but it takes several days before it may be ready to eat. Not all fruit matures at the same rate and seasonality does affect the rate of ripening. Please click our tab labeled "About Hawaii Papaya" to know when to eat and how to handle papaya.

  • When to refrigerate papaya
    Just like a banana, papaya is best when not too green and not too ripe. The PERFECT papaya is eaten at 3/4 yellow and gives slightly to a gentle squeeze.
    We harvest and ship our papayas at 1/4 to 1/2 color change. They will continue to ripen and become fully yellow when left out at room temperature. Leave them out at ambient room temperatures and do not refrigerate before they reach 3/4 yellow. At this stage, papaya can be refrigerated and will keep their perfect taste and texture for up to ten days.